Regrets & Purpose

I recently read ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” by Bronnie Ware. Bronnie, an Australian woman, worked in palliative care for 10 years.  She came to this work by continually searching for more meaning and purpose in her life when her banking jobs left her feeling restless and unfulfilled. In her book she explores with her readers the “top 5 regrets” her dying patients share with her, and the insights she gained for herself.
As she spends time with her dying patients they share with her their regrets, things they wish they would have done differently. One of the chapters is devoted to purpose.  She describes in detail some of her conversations with her patients about the importance of finding purpose for your life, spending the time you have doing things that are meaningful to you and make you happy and feeling fulfilled.

I believe that if we keep searching for our purpose and do work that makes us happy, whether that’s being a doctor or a stay-at-home mom or a bartender or a filmmaker or teacher or anything else, we are contributing so much more to the world than just following the path society “prescribes” for us. If we keep following our “bliss”, or whatever you want to call it, we can share our gifts, our passion, our authentic selves. We know, and honor, what’s good for us. And we can help other’s find their unique path.

Have I found my purpose? Yes, I believe I have. 

My purpose is to inspire & empower myself and others to greatness, to live love &
to express the joy of being alive.
— Bibi

One of the ways for me to live that purpose is this book project: Trip To Bliss. Already now, still in its infant stages of turning from an idea into a book, this project inspires and empowers the people it touches. Sharing their story is, for many women, a healing experience. Others are happy to share because they’ve “been there” and want to empower other women.  Some love to talk about their experiences, for others it’s difficult. But they resonate with the idea of Trip To Bliss, the idea of inspiring and empowering each other through shared stories. I get a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement. The women I meet and the stories they share, inspire me, too. To experience the love and connection our conversations create is a true gift. A gift I hope to share with you, my readers, for a long time to come!