What Inspired The Idea For the Trip to Bliss book project

What Inspired The Idea For The Book

In a guest blog I wrote for Rebecca Pillsbury she asked me about how the book idea for Trip To Bliss came into being. Here is my answer. To read the full blog.

"Can you share what inspired the idea for the book and what this project is about?"

One of the main drives in my life is that I want to inspire and empower people. The ideas for this particular book project came about when I was talking with some friends and catching up on each other’s lives. One guy shared a story, don’t ask me how it came up, about his ex-girlfriend learning how to have multiple orgasm from a late-night TV show. Something snapped in my brain and some puzzle pieces that had already been floating around fell into place: the idea for Trip To Bliss was born: a collection of stories from women who have learned to have orgasms.

You might have heard of statistics that say that 70-85% of women can’t climax during intercourse/sex from just the penetration alone. Many women don’t ever have an orgasm, even by themselves, and think they are alone with this issue, or feel something is wrong with them, when in all reality this is an issue that affects a majority of women. But they are too embarrassed to talk about it, even with their closest friends.

now know it is something that can be learned. There are many women who at first could not climax but have, at some point on their life path, discovered how to do it, by themselves and/or with a partner.


I want to collect these stories in “Trip to Bliss”. It is not going to be a how-to book with advise on what toys to use, how to set the mood, etc. but a book with real stories from real women (and some guys, too).

My vision is to start a conversation, to bring this, in many circles, taboo topic into the light. With these stories I want to inspire and empower women. I want them to know they are NOT alone, there is nothing wrong with them, and that having an orgasm CAN be learned.