Dear fellow traveler, 

Welcome to this international book project. The topic of the book is “the big O”, the female orgasm, the title is Trip To Bliss. 

I came across your name doing some research and I would like to ask for your help..I am currently collecting stories from women around the globe and I would like to invite you to support me by helping me spread the word about this book

The challenge

Given your knowledge and experience I am sure you are aware of statistics stating that 70-85% of women don’t have orgasms during sex. That's a staggering number! Many of the women don’t realize that they are not alone with this issue, think that something is wrong with them. And it seems to be an issue many of us are not comfortable talking about, often not even with our best friend. We don’t know that having an orgasm is something that can be learned.

For my book, Trip To Bliss, I am inviting women to share their personal story of how they learned to climax, by themselves or with a partner. 

I am also looking for cultural differences and practices related to this topic. For example, did you know that Icelanders have an app to check before they have sex because the population is so small they want to make sure they don’t have sex with a relative unbeknownst to them? Or that in Russia some women get their hymen sewn back together so the next guy they’re with thinks they’re a virgin? In an interview a woman shared with me that in a country in Africa all women can “squirt”, and the men have to know how to make it happen or they are considered “losers”.

I am collecting stories from all around the globe, and right now I am in the story finding stage.

My vision is...

  • to start a conversation, to inspire and empower women, and to let them know they are NOT alone – and that having an orgasm CAN be learned.
  • to create and publish an truly exciting book with stories of women sharing how they  have learned to climax. 
  • to inspire and empower women around the globe to live happy and sexually fulfilled lives.
  • to support causes that help women. Part of the proceeds from the book will go towards  causes which fight against female genital mutilation (FGM), sex-trafficking and child pornography.

How you can be part of the mission?

There are several ways you can participate:

  • We could do a guest blog together: I can "interview" you (send you questions) about your work and post it as a blog on my website and social media, or you can ask me about the book, and we post it on our websites.
  • Let your customers/clients know about this international book project, and that I am looking for stories. I can provide flyers or cards to hand out. 
  • Share the Trip to Bliss website on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 
  • Like & share  the Trip To Bliss Facebook page on your social media.
  • Follow Trip To Bliss Book on Twitter.
  • Follow Trip To Bliss on Instagram.

I am sure in your work you hear a lot of interesting stories. Now you can encourage women to participate and share their story so others may benefit from what they've learned. (They can, of course, stay anonymous.)


Please, let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to hearing from you!

Blissfully yours,



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