It's OK to talk about it!

Inspire other women by sharing your story.

The book Trip To Bliss  will contain an eclectic variety of personal stories of women from many diverse cultural backgrounds, walks-of-life, varying age groups and professions and many differing points of view.

I am currently accepting submissions for the book. I am looking for stories from women who have learned to climax. Your story can inspire and empower other women and let them know

  • they are not alone with this issues, and there is nothing wrong with them

  • it’s possible to learn how have orgasms

  • there are many things they can try out and learn about themselves and their bodies

Help me start this conversation, raise awareness of this issue and make a difference in other womens’ lives!

Every woman has a story to tell....

Trip to Bliss - Every woman has a story to tell
Don’t forget — no one else sees the world the way you do. So no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.
— Charles de Lint

You don't have to be a seasoned author to write your story. I have a team of editors and we will thoroughly edit your submission. I am welcoming all contributions, long or short. Your privacy will be respected and you may stay anonymous if you choose to do so.

I would like to thank you for being part of this global, truly exciting book project. Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments on the project. Thank you again so much, for it is YOU who will make this book unique and an exciting, empowering success!

Trip to Bliss - An international book project

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Who can participate

I am looking for women, and men, of all ages (must be over 18) and from different countries and cultures who can share a story based on personal experience about how they learned to reach climax. 

I am also very interested in stories about different cultural views and practices about this topic.

For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Story ideas

This could include stories about how you learned to have orgasms at all, by yourself, with a partner, during intercourse, for the first time, the best one, multiple times, etc.

... as well as a story about having a different type of orgasm like clitoral, vaginal, nipple, etc.

.. or stories about learning to have, multiple orgasms, female ejaculation or squirting, etc.

Tips for sharing your Story

You are part of the movement to break barriers by sharing your personal experience with other women. 
We're creating a network of women supporting women of any age, race or location.
You can choose to remain anonymous.
You have a genuine experience to share. Write from the heart.
I'm here to support you along the way, please feel free to reach out to me

I'm here to help

If you would like to submit a story, but have some questions or would just like to brainstorm some ideas with me, please feel free to contact me

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Your story could change everything.

I'm here to help you tell your best story.